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  1. Hi, im trying to make an ipad app and im trying to use the "transformAroundPoint" plugin of yours so that i can make a movieclip rescale from a point decided by the zoom gesture. Up to now, all i've managed to do is taht it rescales a bit, from the center point of the image and then it goes back to the size and position it had before the zoom touch. can someone help me? thanks for your time this is the line of code i have used: img3.addEventListener(TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_ZOOM,onGesturePinch); img3.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, taphandler); function taphandler(evt:TouchEvent):void { puntito = new Point(mouseX,mouseY); trace(puntito); } function onGesturePinch(event:TransformGestureEvent) { TweenLite.to(img3, 1, {transformAroundPoint:{point:puntito, pointIsLocal:true, scaleX:event.scaleX, scaleY:event.scaleY}}); } HelpGreenSock.zip