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  1. BRILLIANT!!! I did not know you could pass in parameters via array - I was so close . Much better setup than creating a string and EVAL, more clean - I LIKE Thanks alot...
  2. Hi, I am still learning til use TweenMax/Lite JS version. I must say it is powerful stuff! I've been trying to make some kind of tween preset, making it easier to reuse different tweens. But being a mediocre Javascript programmer, I would like some advice. Heres my first plan, which kinda works: // TWEEN PRESET sceneTransition_in_from_right = { duration: 0.7, tween_parameters: { left:"0", rotationZ: 0, scale:1, transformOrigin:"left bottom", onComplete: function(){alert('done');} } }; // CREATE TWEEN STRING function tweenCreateParametersTweenString(parameters){ tween_string = ""; jQuery.each(parameters, function(name, value) { tween_string += name +": \""+value+"\", "; }); tween_string = "{"+tween_string.substring(0, tween_string.length - 2)+"}"; tween_string="TweenMax.to(obj,parameters.duration,"+tween_string+")"; return tween_string; } // RUN TWEEN STRING USING EVAL function tweenThis(obj,parameters) { tween_par_string = tweenCreateParametersTweenString(parameters.tween_parameters); temp_tween = eval(tween_par_string); } TWEEN WITH sceneTransition_out_from_righ preset tweenThis(myObj, sceneTransition_out_from_right); This works BUT the onComplete doesn't fire And I need this to fire. Can any of you smart guys help med make it work with onComplete and all other events. Is there another better smarter way of reusing tween presets ? Kind Regards Morten
  3. Thank you for your advice... The initial set to smaller worked, but gave me alot of other CSS positioning problems So I actually ended up using the version that looks like crap in IE8 but adding the Boilerplate - please update browser. Not optimal, but i am tired of using so many hours trying to make IE act correct
  4. Ok, that absolute positioning fixed the clipping part. But the other problem still exists, seems IE scales from the rendered small version, resulting in a really poor pixelated quality when the image is scaled times 9. Here are screenshots from IE8 versus FF: Any tips getting this working in IE8 and I am assuming IE7 also sucks Works fine in IE9
  5. Hi, Just started using Tween for JS, used to use AS version, so i was exited to find a JS version First of all works great, BUT I am having som problems with IE8 (( Basically I am trying to scale a Image from small to VERY large. To maintain relative good quality i have initially scale the image down, and I am then using scaleX/scaleY to scale the image up in size. Works like a charm in Safari, Chrom, Firefox and IE9, BUT breaks in IE8 Seams like IE8 is scalling very poorly, very bad quality when scaled up, but WORSE it seems to hide the overflow, so one can only se the image, in the area where the original image was You can see for yourself here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2146283/html/example.htm and fiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/ha4PT/8/light/ Hope someone can help, would really prefer this over jquery UI Kind regards Mr.Morton