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sibhod last won the day on February 23 2013

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sibhod last won the day on February 23 2013

sibhod had the most liked content!

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  1. And updating to 1.8.4 has now fixed the bug. Thanks so much, again!
  2. Oh I'm sorry I wasn't expecting you to dig through and fix the site for me! I just wanted to show you an example of the bug in action, in the long shot that seeing it in action could possibly shed some light. Judging from the simple demo working fine in the offending browser, I have no doubt the issue is on my end. You're offering amazing support for an already generous product and I really appreciate it. I'll continue to work on the issue and in the off chance that it does end up being a GSAP bug I'll be sure to let you know.
  3. It turns out reverting to the old version was causing even more errors and issues that I had missed at first so I ended up just updating the project to the latest GSAP version, and now am hoping to solve this ML/Safari issue that persists once again. I created a demo page, but much to my chagrin it works fine: scrollToTest.html The site is currently live (with the bug :-/ ) at vasonanetworks.com I doubt just looking at it will help, but I have a dev version I can drop in some traces or logs if you happen to have any ideas what Safari in ML's problem seems to be.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I will try to throw together a demo of the bug in action, although if it's not repeatable and well contained to just my one implementation on one specific os/browser then it's probably not a big deal. It wasn't looking like the tween was getting killed by a user scroll, because the 'onUpdate' log was still reporting for the full duration of the tween even after it stopped scrolling the page. I'll see if just changing the autoKill prop fixes it too though. Thanks again!
  5. I've been working on a project for several months now, and had been using an older version of GSAP for animations, largely to scroll the site up and down to specific sections when the user clicks the navigation. I recently updated from beta 1.5 to the latest ( 1.8.2 ) and noticed that the site no longer scrolled properly: the scroll animation will start and get about 20-50px and just stop. This only happens in Safari/ML 10.8.2. I used BrowserStack to version test, and Safari 6.0.2 in Lion works just fine. To debug, I set an onUpdate function to log the $( window ).scrollTop(), and it seems as if the tween fails at setting the window's scroll, but continues to run fine: I was able to solve my problem by just reverting back to 1.5, but I wanted to send a bug report.