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  1. Yes, I'm using the JS version.  


    I only recently find out about the "-=/+=" way of doing it because of this issue.  Although, the version of the library I'm using hasn't been updated in a while (it's beta 1.65 version from 6 months ago).  I think the most sensible solution is to go back and update all my previous stuff and the library.


    Thanks for your input, guys.

  2. Hello all.


    So I've been using relative values in my tweens for quite a large project and I've noticed that with the latest update, the relative values are interpreted as absolute values when declared without an equals sign.  I've been doing y:"-50" for animating an objects relative position in the y-axis instead of y:"-=50", for example,  causing the object to animate off the top of the screen.


    There are a lot of these scattered across many files, so while updating them manually wouldn't be out of the question, it would be an immense pain to do so.  


    I was wondering, if it isn't too much of a hassle, if the library could have backwards compatibility for the old way of declaring relative values.