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  1. I'm used to using TweenMax on websites where there is no file size limitation. I now find myself trying to figure out the bare minimum size i need to use GreenSock for animation in standard banners. We are seeing some requests for HTML banners where they wan't all the assets to fit in a single 40kb zip file (with no CDN use). The way it works is you zip all your assets and then upload the .zip file to DoubleClick DCM. To use TweenLite effectively in a banner, it seems you need to at least include the CSS Plugin. When you zip TweenLite.min and CSSPlugin.min, you end up with a 25kb zip file. That only leaves us with 15kb for everything else we need in a banner, which isn't realistic. It seems like there might still be a case for TweenNano for creating standard banners (versus Rich Media). It would need to include base functionality to animate css properties. Like you said, 40kb is just not a reasonable amount. Unfortunately it is a hurdle we face for the time being. It is definitely a bit of a nightmare at the moment when it comes to file size.