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  1. Thank you @pointc ! Gonna try to build on this one. Deadline is at the end of this month so gonna share it with you too guys. Sigh... Such an amazing platform.
  2. I haven't tried yet but i just wonder if did you came across with this situation such as playing video with greensock but not with html5 video player, with steppedease or something like that. So i can control it with the tween controllers (stop reverse etc...). Which way should i use ?
  3. Hello, I am about to start doing a landing page with a 10 second video. But the thing is, they wanna add 3d elements to the video so i have to do it with stepped ease or something and make it move by mouse scroll. On the video, a guy jumps off the cliff with a snowy enviroment and when his fall ends he drops in to a cave and landing page itself fadein/scale up. So, I have few ideas but i wonder, how would you make this ? Simply: How to play video frames by mouse scroll with highest performance & quality ? Just wanna see how would you do, thanks.