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  1. Hi - I am sure this is really easy but I can not see how I can use the TweenMax.to but play when I get to the frame. I have tried so many combinations. This is my TweenMax.to that will get me to the frame label, but pauses when it gets there. It is controlling a Movie Clip that has frame labels. function Park_Play(e:MouseEvent):void{ TweenMax.to(CharacterMovie, 0.5, {frameLabel:'Park'}); }
  2. Hi - In the video it shows how you can animate between Home, Schhol, Work and Movies. Labels on the stage. I am trying to do this in Flash CS6. I have 4 buttons, and 4 labels with a Flash Tweened animation. I can not find any downloads in Flash and am a bit stuck. Can ayone point me in the right direction please? http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/animation/timelinelite-ultimate-starter-guide-introduction/