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  1. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? I'm using flash builder 4.6 and Flex 4.6.0 Its an old project that used to run fine... but something odd has happened, I can't work out what, but it crashes as soon as it hits unload() or dispose(). If I comment out that line it carries on ok.. any thoughts appreciated!
  2. Thanks! But thats not quite the behavour I'm after. I want there to be a hard limit where its impossible to turn past, not a value you can go past and drift back from. I've tried using the disable() function in the Dragupdate when it goes past a certain angle, which does stop it dead, but then you can't drag back again into the area within the limits. Feel like I'm getting close, but suggestions appeciated. Where do I download the 1.11 preview you mentioned?
  3. Hi there, Just trying to use the Draggable plug-in to make a control knob. Is there a way to impose bounds on rotation - say I only want to rotate 0 to 270 degrees? The bounds property seems to only accept x,y values according to the docs. Also how can I get the current rotation value? - say I want to use this to update a text field in the onDrag method? many thanks!