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  1. Hi @GreenSock. Thanks for your quick reply. The workaround will be fine for this one, but I'll keep an eye out for the updated version on the CDN. Thanks for your amazing tools!
  2. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. i changed the library URL to the 1.19.1 URL and it works. when the globe stops on a region, i'm dropping some markers on some cities (not shown in my pen). so since i need to do clearMarkers() at the start of every tweenFromTo() when the globe starts animating again, i added this after each tween, to simulate onStart: autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); seems to be a good workaround for now: autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region1", "region2", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, onComplete: dropMarkers, onCompleteParams: [markers_region2_mc] }).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region2", "region3", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, onComplete: dropMarkers, onCompleteParams: [markers_region3_mc], delay: 2}).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region3", "region4", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2}).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region4", "region1b", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2, onComplete: function () { window.tl.seek("region1"); console.log("reset"); } }).duration(2)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region1", "region2", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2 }).duration(0.75)); Jack - a related question: when you release v 1.19.1, will it get updated on Google's CDN, listed here? my code is part of a banner that will be served by DoubleClick. thank you!
  3. oh and to answer your questions, @Jonathan: latest Chrome on latest MacOS.
  4. thanks for the help guys! Here's the pen.
  5. Hi @PointC i removed everything from clearMarkers(). it's empty.
  6. hi guys i have a TimelineMax timeline set up, tweening a spritesheet with about 300 frames. it's working great, tweening from 1 label to another. but when i add an onStart param: tl.tweenFromTo("region1", "region2", { onStart: clearMarkers }).duration(0.75); i get this error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at Object.g.onStart (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:14) at Object.g._callback (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:16) at Object.g.onStart (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:14) at Object.g._callback (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:16) at Object.g.onStart (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:14) at Object.g._callback (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:16) at Object.g.onStart (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:14) at Object.g._callback (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:16) at Object.g.onStart (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:14) at Object.g._callback (tweenmax_1.18.5_23b0de6…_min.js:16) i'm guessing the 300 frames has something to do with it, but i would think that this tweenFromTo() would only be called once and should be ok. any ideas why this is happening and how i can fix it? thanks!
  7. wow, thanks for creating the video, @Carl! that does work as suggested. i can now animate x and y. very cool. the annoying thing is that if i use my arrow keys to precisely move the object on the stage, it starts changing the left and top again. so i have to click and drag the object, or type in numbers (or click into and use arrow keys) in the 3D position and view panel. pretty annoying, but it does work. so thanks! this will help to get the animation smoother on certain objects that are moving and scaling or moving slowly.
  8. i've gotten GSAP working well in GWD. but i notice that all images dropped on the stage are position: absolute. so, trying to animate "x" works but moves the element relative to its own position. eg this: TweenLite.to("#b1", 1, { x: 15 }); moves the div #b1 to the right 15px from where it is, not to 15px from the left edge. does anyone know how to fix this in GWD so i can use x and y, not left and top? i tried a few things, but nothing seemed to work. did i do something wrong when setting up the images on stage? i read in the forums that using x instead of left will also help get rid of jittery animations http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9249-jittery-animation-with-slow-moving-images/ thank you!