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  1. I had concerns if it'll work for tweens that haven't been started, but it works as far as I can see. Thanks for such a fast response Jack.
  2. In my app, I'm storing tweens, to be played later on, and lately I needed to add delay to those tweens. Shouldn't those delays be respected when tweens being played manually, or should I play them in a diffrent way. It would be sad however if I had to treat delayed tweens diffrent than those without delay. Below is the code that does not work the way I expect it to work. /** * Created by jakubgondek on 2015-02-25. */ package { import com.greensock.TweenMax; import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.events.MouseEvent; public class TestDelay extends Sprite { private var sprite0 : Sprite = new Sprite(); private var tween0:TweenMax = TweenMax.fromTo(sprite0, 3, {alpha: 1}, {alpha: .1, paused: true, delay: 3}); public function TestDelay() { super(); sprite0.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mouseDownListener); drawSquare(sprite0); addChild(sprite0); } private function drawSquare(target:Sprite) { with (target.graphics) { beginFill(0x00CC00); drawRect(0, 0, 100, 100); endFill(); } } private function mouseDownListener(e:MouseEvent):void { tween0.play(0); } } }
  3. Yes, it helped But i had to change my proxy to urldecode url's before curling them. Thanks for pointing that.
  4. Hello, I'm loading some images that are loaded through the proxy and I see, that variables that are postponed to the reqest make it a not valid request: I've changed lone 119 in LoaderItem.as to: _setRequestURL(request, _url, (!_isLocal || _url.substr(0, 4) == "http") ? ((_url.indexOf("?") != 0) ? "&" : "?") + "gsCacheBusterID=" + (_cacheID++) + "&purpose=audit" : ""); to fix this. Best regards Jakub Gondek
  5. Hello, I'm using ImageLoader to load a bunch of images, but they are loaded through the proxy that eliminates the need of crossdomain.xml. While testing my app locally i suddenly realized, that my vars are not passed to the proxy url. I dove into the source, and found this if (_isLocal && this.vars.allowMalformedURL != true && _request.data != null) { _request.method = "POST"; //to avoid errors when loading local files with GET URL parameters } on line 97 in LoaderItem.as. I'm not sure if assuming that locally running app will load only local resources. Maybe some other conditions for setting request method to POST will be better. Wouldn't it be better? if (_isLocal && this.vars.allowMalformedURL != true && _request.url.substr(0, 4) != "http" && _request.data != null) { _request.method = "POST"; } Best regards Jakub Gondek