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  1. Hi Jack! Thank you very much for your extensive response! You recommended some interesting things and I'll give it a try! Thank you again and have a nice day!
  2. I forgot: The target hardware is an Advantech ARK-DS520 with a Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz CPU, 4 GB of RAM and a an integrated NVIDIA GT218 (ION2) graphic module. Best Regards.
  3. Hello! First of all: Thank you for your replies. I attached the working directory as a zip file for better understanding. The lines 45 - 49 are for testing purpose only and will be uncommented in the final version. This is a flash movie which is loaded by a different swf and the setDynamicContent methode will be called by the parent swf. Because of the 500 kB upload limit, I had to eliminate the com folder. You will have to place the com./greensock folder hirarchy into the project folder in order to compile the swf. There is a big image in the file which is scaled down and the text starts rolling when all image tranformations are complete. Is it somehow possible to precalculate portions of the text-moving tween? Thank you again for your help and have a nice day! Florian Programm2013.zip
  4. Hello! First of all: Thank you for your great work! I`m trying to move a dynamic TextField from the bottom of the screen to the top and it works. It runs nice and smoothly on my PC. The problem starts when I run the .swf on a target, which is not as powerful as my developement PC. The text animation becomes quite choppy. I tried several things (cache text as bitmap via BitmapData, using TweenLite and now using BlitMask) to improove the performance and I could manage to get 11-12 FPS on the target hardware. That`s "ok".. but it would be nice to squeeze out some more FPS. Globally I define a Blitmask: var txtMask:BlitMask = null; I initialize it: txtMask = new BlitMask(txtMessage, 0, 680, movieWidth, textAreaHeight,true); ...and start the animation: txtMessage.text = msg; txtMessage.y = movieHeight; txtMessage.height = txtMessage.textHeight + 4; txtMask.update(null, true); TweenLite.to(txtMessage, Number((txtMessage.height + textAreaHeight) / textScrollSpeed), {y:(movieHeight - textAreaHeight - txtMessage.height),onComplete:onTextScrollFinish, ease:Linear.easeNone,onUpdate:txtMask.update,useFrames:false,immediateRender:true}); I also tried to tween the scrollY attribute of the BlitMask, but this didn't change anything (as expected). So I guess I just wanted to ask if someone has an idea how I could further inprove the performance of the TextField animation. Would it help to try the ThrowProps plugin? Thank you for your time