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  1. Hey guys. Just to follow up with my original problem, Tim Kindberg is right. Lectora allows us to give objects on stage a class name, but the autogenerated code is more specific in their css selection than our assigned class names. My original goal was to create reusuable objects attached to GSAP animation, but it looks like I'll have to create the content, generate the page, and crack open the source code to get the proper selectors. It's semi possible with jQuery selectors. TweenMax.to(".text93Font1"), .4, {color:"#FF0000}); vs TweenMax.to($("div.question > p > span"), .4, {color:"#FF0000}; It still requires me to check the HTML structure, but it's progress. Color, skew, and rotation now works, though I haven't gotten any 3D properties to tween in Lectora yet.
  2. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, the Lectora team aren't very approachable. Emails go unanswered and their forums are very inactive. Lectora creates training modules that run in standard browsers and the files seem like they're standard html and css files, but there is a lot of auto-generated code. First thing Monday morning, I'll give your examples a try to see if they take. I did some more tests earlier this afternoon and css code behaves erratically. I can give a div rounded corners with css, but can't tween the corners with TweenMax. TweenMax.to(box, .75, {x:50, borderRadius:"25px", opacity:.5}); The x and opacity work fine, but borderRadius is ignored. Very strange.
  3. Hi all. I've recently been adding GSAP to some elearning modules built with Lectora and they're looking great. The problem I'm encountering is that the CSS properties that actually tween are limited to mainly x, y, scale, and opacity. Color, rotate, 3D, etc don't seem to take effect. I'm wondering if it's because the CSS that is autogenerated by Lectora is somehow taking priority over GSAP and preventing certain properties from animating. Does anybody have any ideas?