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  1. It turns out that it was the registration point causing the issue. Thanks guys!
  2. Is there any way to rotate a "needle" (like a speedometer needle) from 180 to -180? Everything I've been doing seems be broken. It also tends to rotate from the center of the MC as opposed to the bottom.
  3. Is there any way to repeat a background for a textfield? In HTML/CSS, you can have an image for the left side, repeating center image, and then another image for the right side so that if the text inside every became larger or smaller, it would scale accordingly.
  4. I figured out the error, it was due to v11 and not v12 being used. Edit: I figured out everything to a certain point. There are 3 images being loaded but only the last two fade in and out. I also load all the image loaders to the stage with an alpha of 0. Edit: Sorry for all the posts, haha. I figured it all out. If I don't set the alpha to 1 then it won't work properly. Thanks!
  5. What do you mean by push their contents into the Array? I got this error: Line 72 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method from through a reference with static type com.greensock:TimelineMax. Here is what I'm doing: I use DataLoader to grab an array of URLs. Once that's loaded, it goes to another function that adds an ImageLoader per URL to a LoaderMax queue that 1. has an onChildComplete that pushes the "event.target.content" to images:Array 2. onComplete runs your code.
  6. I'm using DataLoader to get the array of images then using ImageLoader to load each image. I don't think that would work since they won't be movieclips.
  7. How can I use TweenLite/TweenMax to fade in and out an array of images? I don't want to cross fade, just fade an image in for X amount of seconds and fade it out to nothing and then fade the next one in. The entire process would repeat indefinitely.
  8. If it's inside the queue that doesn't work then right?
  9. Is there a way to replace an image that's already loaded where you have the ImageLoader being loaded in a queue and the name of the ImageLoader instance. Can I just use the same ImageLoader instance name? For example: queue.append( new ImageLoader("img/photo1.jpg", {name:"photo1", container:this, alpha:0, width:250, height:150, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"}) ); queue.append( new ImageLoader("img/photo5.jpg", {name:"photo1", container:this, alpha:0, width:250, height:150, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"}) ); photo5 replaces photo1 instead of being placed on top of it. The issue I have is that the images contain transparency and you end up seeing the previously loaded image beneath it. I've never had this problem before because I always used the DisplayObject beneat the image to create a background.
  10. Good to know, thanks. I'll give the TweenLite import a try.
  11. That's absolutely perfect! Thanks for the quick response. When did v12 release? I have TweenMax but not TweenLite unfortunately.
  12. Is there any way to set the alpha of an entire queue to 1 instead of individually setting them? For instance: var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({ name: 'queue', onComplete: display }); queue.append(new ImageLoader('image1.png', { width: 112, height: 107, x: 502, y: 426, bgColor: 000000, scaleMode: 'proportionalInside', alpha: 0, container: this })); queue.append(new ImageLoader('image2.png', { width: 112, height: 107, x: 746, y: 426, bgColor: 000000, scaleMode: 'proportionalInside', alpha: 0, container: this })); queue.append(new ImageLoader('image3.png', { width: 112, height: 107, x: 990, y: 426, bgColor: 000000, scaleMode: 'proportionalInside', alpha: 0, container: this })); queue.append(new ImageLoader('image4.png', { width: 112, height: 107, x: 1234, y: 426, bgColor: 000000, scaleMode: 'proportionalInside', alpha: 0, container: this })); Obviously there are more than 4 images being loaded but this is just for example.
  13. Is there any way to clear the network buffer from a DataLoader? I have a DataLoader that is pulling JSON in a loop (once the page is loaded and then parsed, it'll load the page again to get updated information) and it seems to cause a memory issue after about 13 minutes. Adobe Scout is showing the most memory used in "Network Buffers" and "Uncategorized".
  14. iTech

    Tween Crop?

    Wow thanks! That worked perfectly. I just want to say that you guys are absolutely amazing. You guys offer a kickass library and quick support on any and all questions. Keep it up!
  15. iTech

    Tween Crop?

    I have to images layered on top of each other in which a slider effect would occur where it would show more of one image and proceed to hide an equal part of the other resulting in the overall width staying the same. The problem is that I'm changing the "width" of the image which is causing the gradients and what not on the image to become distorted. Here is an example of what is occuring: Before: After (from what I'm currently doing, which isn't working out): What I actually want: Is it possible to sort of "crop" the image since I can easily have the width of both set at 100%? Just so everyone know, the pictures are just examples, there is no text on it just gradients that end up being skewed.