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  1. For doubleclick it is best to use their HTML5 templates. http://support.google.com/richmedia/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1074218 Everything goes in one folder, including images and only include the JS files that you are using, plus only one html file. They also require a jpg backup and there is also the option of adding a flash backup too. I gave them one index.html, one css file, the main js file, TimelineLite.js, TweenLite.js and CSSPlugin.js, plus all the png image files. If it's a heavy load, they will tell you to use polite load, which is easy enough, because there is a template for that as well. Hope this helps.
  2. Well happy to say, my html5 banner got approved. In case anyone is interested, they don't support folder structure, so all files, images, js, css and html have to be in the same folder.
  3. Here's what they posted in their support: JavaScript fileJavaScript files require a .js extension, not .min.js. If you minify JavaScript files, you can't add tracking easily. If the client requests minifying, add tracking first and minify the .js file later. jQuery is not recommended for HTML5 ads for these reasons: As an alternative, you can use zepto.js.Degraded performance on mobile devices because of reliance on time-based animations. Unnecessary file weight: the majority of the library's functionality isn't required. Third-party HTML5 authoring tools: 3rd-party HTML5 authoring tools like Edge, Hype, and Swiffy aren't recommended as Studio doesn't support them. JSON: Files ending with .json are not allowed. (JSON files are not accepted by Studio for cross-domain reasons. JSON files must be rewritten as static JSONP files with a .js extension).
  4. Hello, Is anyone using Greensock JS with Google Doubleclick to build HTML5 ads? I know google doesn't accept Jquery. or JS from third party editors like Adobe Edge. They do accept Zepto JS, but have nothing else listed in DC support. Thanks