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  1. Definitively love this update, I'm hoping for the best in version 3.0, I've been using gsap to write transitions in vuejs using Webpack and I can say is a liberating experience from the hardships css animation, Ew!
    I would love to see how you package, already love the idea of a gsap/all to go on and pick the packages you need.
    I found a way to use the packages plugins and goodies in Shockingly green I copied the contents in a local copy of the npm download and overwrite with the contents on the zip file, is there any forseeable private npm server access to these files It would be ideal just to have these things updated and cached through npm.


    You can also host your own NPM server and grant your shockingly green users access.

    More private npm setup ideas.



    Any hopes?

  2. Yes, indeed there should be a GSAP webpack friendly version even for shockingly green peeps, 
    My solution consisted on some fortunate configurations and needed no external git repo with my own Shockingly Green GSAP.
    I copied the contents of `node_modules/gsap` from a regular `npm i gsap` installation into the root of my project.
    and added the shockingly green files to this pseudo npm package.
    In the root of my git repository I had a set of vueJS projects each with it's own package.json from each I ran `yarn add '../gsap'` or `npm i --save '../gsap'`
    so the file structure was like this:
    - vue-project-with-npm/package.json

    - gsap/ (with Shockingly green files added)

    after running the local install 
    my package.json had something like this

    "gsap": "../gsap",

    and then from my vue files I impor like this:

    import ThrowPropsPlugin from 'gsap/ThrowPropsPlugin