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  1. Great thank you for your response. It just seems weird that it is doing it now and never has in the past. More specifically I am dealing with web banners that have a very small k weight. What seems to help is starting the animations on frame 2. I will most likely also use to() tween as well like you mentioned. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you guys can help. As of late when I do an animation with tweenlite, the content appears before the animations inits. So if I have a tweenlite.from with alpha:0 the mc will shows for a split second and then start with alpha:0. It seems to happen in firefox and chrome the most. I did notice this happens when making a gradient mask as well. You will see the mask for a fraction of a second before it masks the mc. I'm doing everything I always have. This seems to be a recent issue and I don't blame tweenlite. Advice to fix the issue?