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  1. Wow, thanks I also used tweenlite but in lengthier way using if else. But your code is the smartest one, I will replace my code with this one.. And I also have started using tweenlite in my main project too Thanks a lot
  2. Thank you very much for your beautiful explanation..I am also very much interest to like greensock as I have already faced some issues with fl transitions. Well, if you don't mind will you help me once more. what I want to achieve with greensock is an yoyo function. but yoyo is only available in tweenmax So, is there any way to repeat(loop) the same animation as soon as it finishes just by using tweennano or tweenlite. I wont mind to write few extra lines of code. But I just want to see if it can be done or not
  3. Hi, I am new to Tweenmax and tweenlite. I hv heard that its lighter and faster. So, I thought I should use them in my project where I am currently using fl.tranistions I am developing my project in flashdevelop. But before using tweenmax in my main file I tried it on a small swf which I will import later on my main swf. When I was using fl transition package I had to import three classes import fl.transition.tween import fl.transition.easings*; import fl.transition.tweenEvent; and the generated swf file size was 6kb Later when I replaced fl transition with just one line of code import com.greensock.TweenMax and then the generated swf file became 38kb But the loading time for both files is almost same fl.transtion loads in 9sec and tweenmax loades in 11 sec. AstionScript 3. I am using gprs connection (200kbps) tweenmax fl.transition test.zip