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  1. Interesting. Our QC group discovered this on safari 11.0.3 on OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan). I am on the same setup and was able to replicate, but haven't checked newer versions. iOS was okay. I just switched the text positioning CSS from using transform to flexbox and that seems to have cured it. Thank you guys for checking this out. Cheers.
  2. Thank you for the responses. This is a demo of a much larger build, but stripped until I was able to produce it on Safari 11 desktop (iOS seems okay). The colors are variable and set externally ( i set statically in the pen for simplicity) I started noticing this when there was another div that animated over this button. I've added that back into the pen. Maybe you can see the issue now? I see it on rollover. Thanks!
  3. I am seeing this strange rendering issue in Safari when attempting to run an animation with my CTA button. Upon animating the solid orange background color can flicker or change to blue or stripes. The button pulls the text & colors externally before animation runs. I center the cta button text using transform:translate(-50%, -50%) and if i remove this the error goes away. Placing force3D:true helped some, but not completely. Any ideas on how to resolve this conflict?
  4. Is there an official statement somewhere regarding this? I am getting push back from using this CDN because their HTML validator flags the use of external libraries. Even their own. I wanted to send our team something that to show that they do in fact accept these. Thanks!