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  1. @Sahil Thanks very much it's really very help!
  2. Hi guys. I'm looking realization effect like on this site https://antoni.de/. When srolling video animated like a parts of blocks. Anybody know somethin about this effect. It's looking very cool. I'm try to do something same, but my variante is very heavy for browser and eat more resource. https://codepen.io/acidcrash2005/pen/zaaway Please help me did something same. Thanks!
  3. Yes, I agree. But this method will not work in all browsers. I would like to cross-browser version.
  4. Hi all! I want to make animation as here http://css-tricks.co...ples/Circulate/, the bottom of the page, the flying balls. But nothing happens. Tried Bezierplugin saddled with, but in the end there is a sharp transition is not smooth. Maybe someone knows how to do, tell me please. Here's an example of my code var maxx = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1,delay:1}); maxx.to($('.b-circul1'), 1, {css:{x:400,y:20,scale:0.5},ease:Linear.easeNone}); maxx.to($('.b-circul1'), 1, {css:{x:800,y:0,scale:1},ease:Linear.easeNone}); maxx.to($('.b-circul1'), 1, {css:{x:400,y:-20,scale:1.5},ease:Linear.easeNone}); maxx.to($('.b-circul1'), 1, {css:{x:0,y:0,scale:1},ease:Linear.easeNone});