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  1. Thanks Carl! Appreciate the file and the help. I used the currentVideo example you provided and it works great. I'll be studying the file to figure out the scrubber issue. Cheers! currentVideo
  2. Greetings all, I've run into a problem with loadermax videoloader. I have the video loading and can play it with no problem. My problem is that I cannot get it to play using a play button that is used in my project. In the queueCompleteHandler below, I add a listener which works: videoContent.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, _togglePause,false, 0, true); This is clicking on the video itself to get it to play. What I would like to do is have a mc which overlays the video take over the play actions: This fails miserably: firstPlay.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, firstVidPlay); My code: function _queueCompleteHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { var video:VideoLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("vid/u1a2p3.mp4"); trace("duration:", video.duration); var videoContent:ContentDisplay = LoaderMax.getContent("vid/u1a2p3.mp4"); videoContent.x = vidBG.x; videoContent.y = vidBG.y; videoContent.width = 512; videoContent.height = 288; videoContent.scaleMode = "proportionalInside"; addChild(videoContent); addChild(firstPlay); videoContent.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, _togglePause,false, 0, true); firstPlay.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, firstVidPlay); } WORKS: function _togglePause(event:MouseEvent):void { var video:VideoLoader = VideoLoader(event.target.loader); video.videoPaused = ! video.videoPaused; video.playVideo(); } DOES NOT WORK: function firstVidPlay(event:MouseEvent):void { var video:VideoLoader = VideoLoader(event.target.loader); video.videoPaused = ! video.videoPaused; video.playVideo(); firstPlay.visible = false; } Any help will be appreciated. If this can be solved, then my scrubber woes should be solved as well. Cheers!