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  1. http://runbanner.com/ is built on GSAP. Or check the demo video of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSNuVOyuyf4
  2. Thanks. That was the exact reason to make it.
  3. HI all, Here is the free lightweight slider that I made for GSAP Timeline: https://github.com/igord/gsap-timeline-slider There are no external dependencies and you can change targeted timeline on the fly. I use it at http://runbanner.com/demos/ to allow visitors to preview demo banners. Check it out.
  4. Hi all, runbanner.com is a new browser based, visual tool for creating banners and html5 animations without any coding. Right now it is in public beta and you can have unlimited access to all the features with simple one-click sign up process. See demo html5 banners or the introduction video and let us know what you think.