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  1. Is there an easy method of loading in a single URL and using different dimensions of said single URL? I'm attempting to just use one photo for both a thumbnail and full-size version. I've found that if I attempt something along the lines of: image_Loader.append(new ImageLoader(coreXML.menuItem[i].image)); image_Loader.append(new ImageLoader(coreXML.menuItem[i].image, {width:50, height:50})); ... it just loads them in at the small size as I assume I would need two separate "image_Loader"s, i.e. thumb_Loader and image_Loader. However, was hoping there would be an easier method of doing the same thing? I've also found that if I only load it in once and refer to it again, it is removed from the first instance (so I assume at the minimum I need to load the image twice?). I can further explain if what I'm trying to attempt is unclear. Thanks!