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  1. I love you. My work is including more and more flash work again so I'll more than likely be signing up soon. Especially with v12. Keep on rockin' man!~
  2. Hmm...well that is odd. I attached a sample2 file so you can see the output that I'm seeing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3g2m6j6imf84ew5/sample2.zip The version that I am using * VERSION: 1.62 * DATE: 9/22/2009 * AS2 If that's not the latest how do I get the latest considering I'm not a member anymore :/ Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Let's try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvgfa20sghjr0na/sample.zip Brian
  4. Thanks man! I simplified it but you can see the slight blur before it gets to the animation. Looks like my quota has been reached though for uploading files. :/
  5. Hi there, Haven't been here in a while but am glad to see you updating awesome class to v12 with some more sweet features! My question comes in regarding the motion blur effect that is being used in timelinelite. Whenever I append objects the blurred motion is showing in it's first frame freeze and then begins the motion once the animation begins for that object. How can I hide that blur until the animation begins? Thanks! BD
  6. So this should be interesting. I'm basically created a stick figure animation thats a minute and half long. Basic with blinking eyes, sliding in and out with easing with a voice over. My question is can I do this in tweenmax and then export it to a video codec such as avi or quicktime that then can eventually be edited further in after effects then to a dvd? Can actionscript be exported to a video? I'm good in after effects but am weighing my options as to what is the best solution for this project.
  7. Hi all, Getting ready to start an animated short film and I was wondering if someone could help explain how I would animate a bee along a wiggly path. I attached an example of the type of motion it would be. How would I add this into TimelineLite using TweenMax? Thanks a ton!
  8. Aahhhh. I could have swore I had that set up. My bad. I got it setup to 99% where I need it to be so thanks for your help. But. One final request. When the slide moves to the next one, the button reflects which slide it is on and so on. I've got it close but now when I press the button there is a brief flash of the over state. Reason that's happening is the function is being called for the onRollOver in the navigation and on the slide for when the onComplete happens. Silly but it appears I just need an if than statement? Can you take a look and point me in the right direction. If not it really isn't a big issue. Now all I need is to put this format to AS3 in a much cleaner way. Then I can do all the tweening I want Thanks again!
  9. So here is the test.fla file but I'm thinking in the meantime I'm going to dive into more of the link you sent over and play with as3. For that one example you sent over could the link you are on stay highlighted/indicated? Basically I want it to be a rotating banner. When they select a nav button I want it to go to that slide and animate for 5-7 seconds. Once the animation ends I want it to continue on to the next slide once when animation onComplete is called. Pretty basic but a pain in my butt when setup incorrectly! Once that is setup I think I could go to town on each of the animations. Thanks for your help. EDIT: Not to make your head explode but we could just start on the AS2 animation. Didn't mean to just throw the as3 question at ya.
  10. That link is awesome but a little more help. Not the most savvy with Actionscript and just want to get this to a working state and will use that template on my next project. The menu is on it's own layer and it's using old school coding to get it to work. Basically the menu needs to get to the root timeline, go inside the slide 1 and call that timeline actionscript to stop() on (release) { if (_root.link != a) { this._parent["btn"+_root.link].gotoAndPlay("Out"); _root.link = a; } // end if _root.gotoAndStop(2); trace("slide2"); _root.slide1.timeline.stop(); } But it doesn't work. Much appreciated and thanks!
  11. Hi Greensock, Long time no talk but I could use your help once again. I'm basically creating a flash banner that is a slideshow with different animations for each slide. I have it set up so when the animation is onComplete it goes to the next slide. But if the navigation button is pressed before the onComplete happens it starts the animation but then kicks back once the onComplete is reached. How can I stop that from happening? import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin]); function slide2(){ _root.gotoAndPlay(2); }; var logoAndWhiteBar:Array = new Array(enviLogo, whitebar); var timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); timeline.append( TweenMax.from(whiteBar, 1, {_x:-250, _alpha:10, ease:Quart.easeOut}) ); timeline.append( TweenMax.from(enviHeater, 1, {_x:0, _alpha:10, motionBlur:true, ease:Quart.easeOut}),-1 ); timeline.append( TweenMax.from(enviLogo, 1, {_x:-355, ease:Cubic.easeOut}),-.7 ); timeline.appendMultiple( TweenMax.allTo([enviLogo,whiteBar], 1, {_alpha:0, onComplete:slide2, onCompleteScope:this}),.5 ); Thanks man for all your help! Brian
  12. Ah AS3 how you still blow my mind. Removing the event listeners on the CLICK never occurred to me. Thanks! Using the delayedCall() I'm a little lost on. Sorry! Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks! Brian
  13. Ah, found another issue. How can I have the button be disabled and fadeout once it reaches the 22 second point as well if no button is hit. Don't need it to skip back to that point if the user watches past that point. bD
  14. Hola, Once the skipIntro function is called I want the button to fadeout to 0 and then be disable or invisible so it can't be clicked again. The button isn't clickable but the alpha gets stuck at .5 and doesn't fade out all the way. What am I missing? It should go to 0! skipButton.buttonMode = true; skipButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, overHandler); skipButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, outHandler); skipButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, skipIntro); TweenLite.to(skipButton, 1, {autoAlpha:.5, ease:Quad.easeOut}); function overHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { TweenLite.to(skipButton, .3, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Quad.easeOut}); } function outHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { TweenLite.to(skipButton, .5, {autoAlpha:.5, ease:Quad.easeOut}); } function skipIntro(event:MouseEvent):void { TweenLite.to(skipButton, .5, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Quad.easeOut}); tl.gotoAndPlay("endFrame"); skipButton.mouseEnabled = false; } Thanks!
  15. Wow. That's always fun. I don't know how I mixed that up. Thanks man! My next venture is to understand the animateIn() and animateOut() features of TweenMax. OOP is a little new to me but I want to master this. You said it could change the way I animate and that sounds like a challenge! I'll be taking that current code for the animation and appending another intro once the logo fades. Cheesy plug, but if you get bored... Thanks again homey, bD