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  1. updateTo() is for updating the tweening values - if you want to alter the repeat, just set that directly, like this:


    _tween.repeat = 1;


    Thanks for the quick reply, however when I try that it seems to ignore it.


    If i remove the updateTo then the repeat works, however I need the rotation to slowly ease out back to a certain angle.


    here is the code, that is still not working...


    _tween.repeat = 1;
    _tween.updateTo({rotation:_angleToStop, onComplete:onF},true);



  2. Hi Guys,


    I seem to have a problem with the tweenMax.updateTo method.


    Given this sample code:


    _tween = new TweenMax(myMc,2,{rotation:360,repeat:-1,onUpdate:onUpd, ease:Linear.easeNone});
      function onUpd():void{
       _tween.updateTo({repeat:1,rotation:_angleToStop, onComplete:onF},true);



    I am expecting the _tween to update

    1. its rotation value to the predetermined value in _angleToStop

    2, repeat count to change from infinity (-1) to 1

    3. for it to call the onComplete method once that 1 rotation is done, where it stops in the correct value;


    What actually happens is the spinning starts to slow down as i would expect as it is reaching the target value however it then start animating again... Its like the repeat is not working..

    Could anyone help me?


    Seems weird.