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  1. Thx for test. Anyway i have this code : __queue = new LoaderMax({onprogress:ProgressHandler, maxConnections:1, onComplete:AllComplete}); and private function ProgressHandler(e:LoaderEvent):void { trace(e.target.progress * 100); __progressBar.scaleX = e.target.progress; } If I do debug via Remote debug session and connect to my host i got very strange numbers calculated by LoaderMax: 2.8908613386995885 4.004135851426948 6.894997190126537 6.908406947312888 9.799268286012476 9.814266040760367 10.257229138343702 0 5.0804892954976255 10.163305319521873 10.165787163283603 15.248603187307852 15.293896835959433 20.37671285998368 20.54299639201963 25.625812416043882 25.710970680118262 30.793786704142505 30.945799634548504 36.028615658572754 36.13921282120487 41.22202884522912 41.34596591808054 46.42878194210479 46.492224073264026 51.57504009728827 51.65430398242855 56.73712000645279 56.863383807830836 61.94619983185509 62.04485312138388 67.12766914540812 67.37151029499815 72.4543263190224 72.67365926146535 74.57971527047444 75.82358434080678 0 6.404377992768493 7.5037623375354245 13.908140330303919 15.141991595817453 21.546369588585947 22.892797811003614 26.000586338317213 0 33.558985283123214 36.13264647747406 69.69163176059728 73.58028737339082 107.13927265651404 111.27269747959403 144.83168276271726 146.77959505545712 180.33858033858036 184.03162541093576 217.59061069405897 220.83713118195877 254.396116465082 257.60474381164033 291.16372909476354 300.26013129461404 333.8191165777373 337.8337412820172 371.3927265651404 372.79579693372796 406.35478221685116 409.96794445070304 424.0006964144895 0 2889.5943562610228 3231.834215167549 6121.428571428572 6415.255731922399 8510.493827160493 0 98.94179894179894 [sWF] /Problem/ProjectX.swf - 2130 bytes after decompression 100 all done The host just asked what is the problem to help me but I don't know what to answer. How to specify the problem which caused this.
  2. You can see what is the problem here http://www.9cubes.co.../Main/Main.html Here you can download the preloader source code here : http://www.9cubes.co...lve/fortest.rar Thank you very much for help. Locally works fine.
  3. Flash player version within 2 days is still same. I have currently NPSWF32_11_5_502_110.dll Is it chance that is web hosting problem ? month ago.
  4. Hello, I am using LoaderMax for more then one month. I had no problem with that at all but yesterday all my versions of app started to be strange. Loading progress is juggling and my progressbar is sometimes going far out of my view. I didn't change anything just it happened. Maybe it's not LoaderMax related. Local version with simulate downloads works fine. What can be wrong ? Thank you.
  5. Thank you. That works fine.
  6. Thank you for answer. This is the problem what I have. Just imagine. Somobody did simple animation in Flash. He created movieClip and tween animation from frame1 to frame 30. Just moved the movieclip from (mc.x = 0) to (mc.x = 100). Then on frame 30 is keyframe and he created another movement from (mc.x = 100) to (mc.x = 500) to frame 60. So if you play the animation the object is going slowly (frist 30 frames) and then next 30 frames faster because the mc must go from x = 100 to x = 500 for same time. Then I have extractor and I'm reading the positions of mc from each frame what Flash already generated. And to simply automatic implement the movement in code I just need to send my object only to my defined points what i got from flash. Because all points are already calculated by flash and they are including the behavior. But if I use LinePath2D, and the framerate of flash scene where object movement was generated is 60fps, I will set the duration to 1 second and movement is going from x = 0 to x = 500 with constant speed. Because of extra points what LinePath2D generates. So I lost the behavior (tween effects what was applied to mc in flash) Many thanks for answer if its possible.
  7. Basically just the keyframes of animation.
  8. Hello, I have some animation what i did on timeline in flash GUI and I need to do the same in code. So I extracted object info like (position, scale, rotation etc) from each frame of animation from swf. And now i need to do the animation in as3 So I need to say to MaxTween to animate my object through points (pos.x, pos.y) which I have. But only through this points. I tried to do __path -> is array of my points var path:LinePath2D = new LinePath2D(__path); var f:PathFollower = path.addFollower(__object, 0); var tween:TweenMax = TweenMax.to(f, 5, {progress: 0, onComplete:OnComplete, onUpdate:OnUpdateTween}); But its going via different points. I just need to do animation only through points what I defined. So if I define 6 points and set the duration of animation to 5 seconds the object must change the position every second to the next defined points. So simply I just need to convert animation from flash gui to code.
  9. Ah. I understand now. So I just create new Project with only document class which load the second SWF(external) where I have all classes what I need in project right ? Thanks for reply
  10. Unfortunately not. If I add parameter onProgress:OnPreloaderProgress __queue.append(new ImageLoader("preloader.jpg", {onComplete:PreloaderImageLoaded, onProgress:OnPreloaderProgress, estimatedBytes:134749, name:"preloader"})); and than I have : private function OnPreloaderProgress(e:LoaderEvent):void { var Percent:Number = Math.round(e.target.progress * 100); trace("PRELOADER: " + Percent); } private function OnTest(e:LoaderEvent):void { var Percent:Number = Math.round(e.target.progress * 100); trace("SWF: " + Percent); } It's loaded in parallel. So my output is something like: RELOADER: 0 SWF: 3 PRELOADER: 1 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 2 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 2 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 3 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 4 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 5 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 5 SWF: 4 PRELOADER: 6 SWF: 5 PRELOADER: 7 SWF: 5 PRELOADER: 8 SWF: 5 --> If I use "Simulate download" in Flash Player.
  11. Hello, I would like to pause (self swf + other stuff) to simply force to start downloading my preloader image first before others stuff what I append to LoderMax. Because all of my requests to download are downloaded in parallel which cause to slow down downloading of my first (preloader image) what I need to download ASAP. I have in document class constructor: LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader, XMLLoader, SelfLoader]); __queue = new LoaderMax({onProgress:ProgressHandler, onComplete:AllComplete}); __queue.append(new ImageLoader("preloader.jpg", {onComplete:PreloaderImageLoaded, estimatedBytes:134749, name:"preloader"})); __queue.append(new ImageLoader("assets/Main.png", {estimatedBytes:2865271})); __queue.append(new SelfLoader(this, {onProgress:OnTest})); LoaderMax.getLoader("preloader").prioritize(); __queue.load(); prioritize() doesn't help me. Still downloading in parallel. Is it possible ?