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  1. Hey peeps quick question. Often when given creative to produce a banner, we are issue the "master" copy, which usually is a standard 300x250 MPU and or, a 728x90 leaderboard. From these designs we are often expected to create similar animations and layouts based off these mocks. This can grow to be many sizes and versions of the same creative. I currently have 4 sets of creative with 8 sizes(32), and all share the same design with different copy, but I only have PSDS for one set! What is the fastest way of creating backup GIFS from non canvas banners? Snap Z pro worked well will embedded flash objects, but not so much with HTML5. I'm finding it quite painstaking. Any suggestions or techniques would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hey dudes/dudettes, shameless self promotion here, but I LOVE Greensock(Saved my Career)(Former Flash Dev)! I just created a node based HTML5 banner workflow tool using GSAP for animations and it has helped me with the mass production of the most popular standard banner sizes. I will be adding more in the future to handle RICH media, but should be easy to integrate. https://github.com/leedium/banner-boi
  3. [posted this in the wrong section] moved here=> http://greensock.com/forums/topic/12153-banner-layout-workflow/?p=51360