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  1. Thank you so much, PointC! You helped me a lot!!!
  2. In CSS, it is possible to use various percentage values in the @keyframes object to imitate a "pause included" effect. The pen shows a breathing effect that has a pause at the end. It can be read like: 1s: breath in 2s: breath out 3s-4s: don't breath then repeat again. In order to imitate that effect in GSAP, I play around with yoyo and repeatDelay, but unfortunately the repeatDelay is called after each and every tween, whereas it would be desireable to place it after and only after the yoyo repetition. (Question: would that make sense to implement a "after yoyo" flag in the repeatDelay attr, like: repeatDelay: [2s, true]?) How would you do that at Greensock? Any help would be most welcome - thanks! Robert