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  1. I'm including the rest of the project, but the video is too large. I deleted it from the zip file. Let me know if you make anything of it. I'll send the video if you message me your email address. Thanks. StageVideoTestMovie.zip
  2. Thanks for the quick response. In our simple test movie (swf) running in Flash Standalone Player 11.4, the temporary fix to videoloader in this post did fix the looping issue, but the latest full download of Greensock 11 doesn't fix it--still a pause and white flash when looping using StageVideo. You mentioned working around another issue or side effect. Could you expand on that? I'm wondering if there's a way we could get the fix, but avoid other consequences. I could email you the full test project and video file I'm using. Attached is the document class. This is the only code in the project aside from movie monitor, which I'm using to view the frame rate and other performance stats. StageVideoTestMovie.zip
  3. Hi, My company is using Greensock 11 AS3 in a large project under a corporate membership. I'm experiencing similar issues with looping video in an Adobe AIR for Android app. I'm using VideoLoader to attach h.264 video to a StageVideo instance. I also find a significant lag when looping a clip using repeat: -1. I downloaded the latest public download of GS11 and also the patched version of VideoLoader included in this post. The updated code had no noticeable effect. I notice this code didn't seem to make it into the latest release. Is there any more I can do to improve this issue? Also running this test app on multiple systems on both Android and in a SWF on Windows it will eventually hang if left to loop infinitely. I also wanted to confirm with you that there isn't a built in ceiling or limit on "infinite" looping before I do additional debugging. Thanks!