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  1. Hello, How can I detect that draggable item is moved by scroll bar and not dragged, when I use type:"scrollTop" or any other scroll type? Te event onDrag doesn't work. Thanks
  2. Hello, Does this also refers to SwfLoader, if I load swf and then wnat to use that swf in many places do I also just create new SwfLoader with same url and I will wont need to wait for swf to load. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have strange problem loading swf file, in the preloading event most of the time the preloading progress value isvery small and then after 2/3 of loading progres speed up. On the server when I multiply the number with 100 and rount the walue I got 0% all the time and then it jumps to the 100%. private function onLoadingProgress(event:LoaderEvent) { percent_num = Math.round((event.target.bytesLoaded/event.target.bytesTotal) * 100); parent_class.mainPreload.progressData(percent_num); }