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  1. It was just a general question about the use of TweenMax not specific issue. Unfortunately, I only discovered the leak after the app was 'finished'. Would you happen to know of any good debuggers for Flash Pro?
  2. If I have : TweenMax.set(gb,{x:1000, y:400, visible:true}); in the main class without a reference to the tween, does it get GC'd? It only gets executed once. Trying to track down a memory leak. thanks, Mark
  3. I am working on a game in AIR for Android. I need to build a menu system for it. Are there any prebuilt menu systems avaiable? Thanks in advance, -ch
  4. I am trying to make a flash that has twinkling stars. I thought it would be a simple effect. All I want is the alpha to fade in and out on a randomly generated cycle. And have the AS inside the star so every time I place one it will fade in and out on its own. var cycle:Number = Math.random() * 4; TweenLite.To(mc, cycle, {alpha:0, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}); But I am missing something because it will appear and fade out and not repeat or yoyo. Thanks cH
  5. Ok I have an idea for a game that is similar to the old lights-out game. I have done it before in Java and even on Android. But I want to do it in flash now. My delema is I want to use images for the buttons, each is a different color. I am looking for a way to dynamically change button colors. So when you press/click a button it will work through a set list of colors. I am trying to find the lite-st way to accomplish this. Maybe a multi-layer button, where I could tween a color layer, if that could even be done. If I could animation going I can handle the rest. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, cH