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  1. Thanks for taking the time, and yes, it probably is my server. Anyway, I found an alternative way of loading what I need, the example code can be found here. Basically, I load a frame 1 lightweight preloader, and I put everything else in the frame 2. This way, I can load my main swf entirely with a simple call.
  2. I tried to fix the problem adding estimatedBytes to every file, it didn't work, it's weird, with the last addition, seems like the numbers are even worse now. I patched the problem, adding a condition that somehow fixes the situation in my particular case, but, is not optimal. I sent you a link with the project zipped, if you have some time, give it a look. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick answer!, back to your questions: 1- No, is the only hosting I'm using right now, but in case that something has to be changed, I can make a request, I just need to inform them exactly what needs to be changed. 2- No, no estimated bytes. 3- Nope. 4- Not sure if the latest, but I downloaded it two weeks ago, new enough? 5- I got no fla, this is a Actionscript only project, I load files like this: _queue = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler}); _queue.append( new ImageLoader("../assets/header.png", {name:"header"})); //and ~20 more appends. _queue.load();
  4. Hi guys, first time poster, first of all, this site is great, the tools GS provides to developers are also amazing. I used TweenMax for a long time, and I just found out about LoaderMax, so I gave it a try. Locally, it worked great, I had my flash site, loading stuff, watching the progress, from 0 -> 1, everything worked like a charm. To illustrate it better, when I test my site locally, I get progress numbers like these: progress: 0.003883850985636321 progress: 0.005224570522409509 progress: 0.005405667068479131 progress: 0.0055884924598572925 progress: 0.00577347890787113 progress: 0.0058387428182685355 progress: 0.0059476600727065895 progress: 0.007269794522412967 progress: 0.008603166466624857 progress: 0.009943886003398045 progress: 0.011266020453104422 progress: 0.011330852152174694 progress: 0.01140130259849772 progress: 0.025564003366061815 progress: 0.03972670413362591 progress: 0.06805210566875411 progress: 0.0963775072038823 progress: 0.15302831027413868 progress: 0.20967911334439507 progress: 0.3229807194849078 progress: 0.3858683320057242 progress: 0.4857562596085981 progress: 0.5990578657491108 progress: 0.6132205665166749 progress: 0.6415459680518031 progress: 0.6698713695869313 progress: 0.7265221726571877 progress: 0.783172975727444 progress: 0.7855950880047093 progress: 0.8824078320150167 progress: 0.9917776117125812 progress: 0.9938833452983836 progress: 0.9959411034268739 progress: 0.9979781154116618 progress: 1 Now.. the online version (uploaded to a hosting) of the website, has the following progress numbers: progress: 1.4023074060290286 progress: 0.26088574618533683 progress: 1.054707852623744 progress: 2.2028284331968737 progress: 1.054707852623744 progress: 0.26088574618533683 progress: 1.4153330852251582 progress: 1.5712690733159658 progress: 0.4168217342761444 progress: 0.5742463714179382 progress: 0.7335318198734648 progress: 0.7897283215481951 progress: 0.8835132117603275 progress: 2.0219575735020467 progress: 3.170078154075177 progress: 2.0219575735020467 The previous numbers.. are obviously completly screwing up my loader. Any ideas about this issue?, do I have to change something? Thanks!