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  1. Hi. Just downloaded latest version of TweenLite in as2. Saved the "com" folder alongside my .fla project. Simple frame 1 as2 script imports the library, then tries to fade up a MC. If I use ONLY "_alpha" I can tween that property to 100, but not 1.0 as in the example docs (which use 'alpha' not '_alpha') If I try to add "delay:3" to the mix (with either _alpha or alpha) it breaks. Nothing happens. Doesn't throw an error, but nonetheless "delay" doesn't get syntax colored (like flash doesn't recognize this greensock property even though my import statement looks right. What's going on? How come I can't use "delay:3" or "alpha:0.5" etc? Why only flash as2 predefined MC properties? Here's my code. Thanks in advance! Tom import com.greensock.*; OverwriteManager.init(OverwriteManager.AUTO); ///////////////////////////////// weather._alpha=0; // TweenLite.to(weather, 3, {delay:1.5, _alpha:100}); // the above doesn't produce any result, nor is "delay" syntax colored // TweenLite.to(weather, 3, {alpha:1}); // the above doesn't produce any result TweenLite.to(weather, 3, {_alpha:100}); // Only this does anything (fades up to 100%). None of the above work. Why?