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  1. The image that moves on top of the static background is the image I would like to rotate and wrap. If you'll the edges of that image when you control the ship to move toward the edges of it, I would like that image to wrap even after its been roated as if to have an infinite universe. I understand blitmask performs slower when having to recapture the the target but I havent been successful in getting that wrap affect after rotating(not even just changing Y values) any other way and was hoping blitmask could help for this. I'll look into the TransformMatrixPlugin you mentioned. Thank you for the response. If you have any other suggestions, perhaps a method you could think of to pull this off i'm all ears.
  2. So I have been searching for a way to have a background orbit a center. I came across the greensock blitmask that does an amazing job of wrapping the bitmap data to do infinte scrolling effects. However, I can't figure out a way to use this blitmask to rotate and still have the wrapping effect. I attached a SWF file to demostrate what i'm trying to accomplish. WASD keys control the movement cosc469.zip