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  1. Hello, Indeed, what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I will do a little test by loading the fonts declarations swf with a SWFLoader component, and then use loadStyleDeclaration method on the same file once the SWFLoader finished it's job. I'll report back the results and most important the loading times of: SWFLoader + loadStyleDeclarations VS. loadStyleDeclarations only. Thanks again! Liviu
  2. Hello, I have an AS3 file that loads fonts at runtime from a compiled SWF using: styleManager.loadStyleDeclarations("fonts.swf", true, true); My question is, can I use LoaderMax to load the "fonts.swf" file and use it in the same way I use it with loadStyleDeclaration: being able to force a refresh, so that every element that uses one of the fonts loaded will refresh it's style accordingly. Please let me know if this is something I cn achieve with LoaderMax. Regards, Livius