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  1. Thank you, OSUblake. When i'll be back in office i'll be glad to study your interesting suggestions.
  2. Thank you. It's a good idea. Thank you again. I learned something.
  3. Yes, it is just that. I hoped that GSAP was omniscient. Seriously, I asked this because I have a xml file with structured istructions used by a javascript function that builds a timeline. All works very well. BUT sometimes the tweens could be very complicated and unpredictable and the istructions are not so "structured" and i tried the solution that i asked. It's evident that it was a stupid solution. Thank you for your answers. Regards. Mario
  4. I have a "simple" question (I think that it doesn't need a codePen sample). We have a variable like this: var tx = "TweenMax.to('#element',2,{textShadow:'10px 10px 10px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)'})"; I take it from an xml file. Can I do something like this? tml.add(tx, s); Where "tml" is a timeline and "s" the time in seconds. With this sintax it doesn't work (no error and nothing happens). Is there some other way to do this? Thank you very much for your patience. Mario
  5. First: i promise that the next time i will use CodePen. Second: thank you, PointC, now it works as i expected. and we have a new great future (prerhaps) especially in mobile apps (even if there are some others problems to solve). Thank you again.
  6. i'm trying to use the window vertical scrollbar of the browser as slider of an istance of timelineMax. i'm also using the plugin scrollToPlugin. all seems working, with the not negligible detail that the timeline.progress is not the same of the scrolling percentage. Both, timeline progress and scrolling start from 0 and end to 1, but in all other points are differents. so, if i try to move the verical scrollbar (as timeline slider) and then i set the timeline.progress with the scrolling percentage, the scrollbar (and the page) move immediatily to another position, very different position. I prepared a simple page at this address www.attivitacollaterali.it/testArea/scrollTimeline.html (all the scripts are in the head - do no use the mouse wheel when scrolling) Maybe all the world knows "why" this strange behavior, excpet me. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, Yesterday night i solved the problem. Changing the source file from mp4 to flv everything works. That mp4 was without (or the program didn't find) the metadata (the server has mp4 mime). Maybe there are any problems using mp4?
  8. Also in your example the video doesn't start before the video is not completely downloaded. import com.greensock.loading.*; import com.greensock.loading.display.*; import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; //create a VideoLoader var video: VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("http://www.attivitacollaterali.it/carife/video/fe1_flash.mp4", { name: "myVideo", container: this, noCache: true, width: 400, height: 300, scaleMode: "proportionalInside", bgColor: 0x000000, autoPlay: false, volume: 0, requireWithRoot: this.root, estimatedBytes: 75000 }); //start loading video.load(); //add a CLICK listener to a button that causes the video to toggle its paused state. button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, togglePause); function togglePause(event: MouseEvent): void { video.videoPaused = !video.videoPaused; trace("PP"); } //or you could put the VideoLoader into a LoaderMax queue. Create one first... var queue: LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({ name: "mainQueue", onProgress: progressHandler, onComplete: completeHandler, onError: errorHandler }); //append the VideoLoader and several other loaders queue.append(video); //queue.append( new DataLoader("assets/data.txt", {name:"myText"}) ); //queue.append( new ImageLoader("assets/image1.png", {name:"myImage", estimatedBytes:3500}) ); //start loading the LoaderMax queue queue.load(); function progressHandler(event: LoaderEvent): void { trace("progress: " + event.target.progress); } function completeHandler(event: LoaderEvent): void { //play the video video.playVideo(); //tween the volume up to 1 over the course of 2 seconds. TweenLite.to(video, 2, { volume: 1 }); } function errorHandler(event: LoaderEvent): void { trace("error occured with " + event.target + ": " + event.text); } Note that in both post the cache value is true.
  9. hi, a can't play the videoLoader while the video is loading. I have something like this var video:VideoLoader; var src:String = "video/mVideo.mp4"; var thisCache:Boolean = true; var thisWidth:Number 800; var thisHeight:Number = 600; var estimatedBytes:Number = 75000; video = new VideoLoader(src,{name:"video",container:this,autoPlay:false,noCache:thisCache, checkPolicyFile:true, width:thisWidth, height:thisHeight, autoAdjustBuffer:true, bufferTime:10, scaleMode: "proportionalInside", onInit:loadInit, onProgress:loadProgress, onComplete:loadComplete, onError:objNotLoad, estimatedBytes:estimatedBytes}); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.PLAY_PROGRESS,mPlaying); video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE,mComplete); video.load(); The "on" functions are very simple functions. Well, when i try to play the video with "ideo.playVideo()" it doesn't start before the video is completely loaded. Where do i wrong? Could you help me? Thank you on advance and best regards. Mario
  10. Thank you for your replay. Well it's very difficult to explain the contest of the problem. But i try (the code it's long and complicate yet, but it has not strange solution - i hope that in a week i can send you something). Image something like a fileSystem with folders and files where folders are symbols/containers (a sprite extension class) and files are objects like shapes, texts, images, videos etc. For example -container1 ---container11 ------container12 ---------container13 ------------Shape ------------Image (*) ------------Video -conatainer2 -conatainer3 The image with * is "our" image with ".rotationX = 20" Well, when a timeline starts we have the error. The same happens in the following two structures -container1 ---container11 ------container12 ---------Image (*) ---------container13 ------------Shape ------------Video -conatainer2 -conatainer3 -container1 ---container11 ------Image (*) ------container12 ---------container13 ------------Shape ------------Video -conatainer2 -conatainer3 But IT DOES NOT HAPPEN with this one -container1 ---container11 ------container12 ---------container13 ------------Shape ------------Video ---Image (*) -conatainer2 -conatainer3 And it happens with small images or shapes too. If i apply the rotationX to the video all is the same (change "image" with "video"), but only from the second time that timeline runs (not the first one). Video blades everytime an object moves over or above it. I tried a lot of solutions (e.g. the timeline modifyies 2d props for an object and 3d props for its container or viceversa) but without success. I am afraid that is a flash problem. Thank you again. Mario
  11. I've a strage problem with displayObject (sprite or movieclip). These objects are created and added on stage by a program and then manipulated by timelineMax. When objects are rotated with a 3d rotation (rotationX, rotationY) they are "deformed" after timeline starts by other objects that move over or above them (collision). The following link shows the image before the "error" http://www.attivitac...ini/gError1.jpg ...then the same image after timelineMax is started http://www.attivitac...ini/gError2.jpg Does someone know something about this behavior?