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  1. David J.

    SVG Gotchas!

    Hello, I created my own dashed strokes from Illustrator and applied the code from PointC's example in animating dashed strokes. I like it but, it starts off with a flash of the full path before the animation starts. Is there a way where to avoid this so that the animation will play more smoothly? Here is my codepen link: http://codepen.io/djumeau/pen/pyXwjv Any suggestions to improve on this?
  2. I recently purchased PHPStorm and I was searching for the templates path given by JetBrains and I feel isn't too obvious from a Windows user perspective. (I do not know about Mac or Linux though.) In my case, my target path was as follows: C:\Users\yourUserName\.WebIde70\config\templates Just would like to share this for others who had trouble as well. And by the way, thanks for taking the initiative to create this template. Much appreciated. I think GSAP is awesome. Cheers, David