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  1. Still the video seems to freeze for a little bit of time. But I will come back in a few days when we have loaded all videos on the swf.
  2. After a little push this is the best I can get with videoloader (Very good result indeed!): videoloader.zip Keep in mind that there will be about 40 - 50 videos playing at the same time This is the starling approach: starling.zip but I can't use it because I can't set wmode=direct. I have html code above the swf and until now I didn't found any way to archive this. I don't know the forum rules so if you want tell me if I can post the url of the site or sent it to you with a email Thanks for your time and this great library (greensock:Tweenmax, loaderMax, BlitMask ...)
  3. It sure resolves the issue but not completely. At the end of the video there is a small-tiny gap. Unfortunelly the videos are people movement in a big scale project so I can't play dices with the video playback. I will give a try to starling framework about the movement. I had tried a few things and the problem occures only on FP10 and FP11 (not on FP9). Also I reencode the videos and had tried a few approaches but witn no conclusion. After a little google search I found a few people with the same problem. So I think the problem occures from flash player and not anything else. Thanks for the help and time spent.
  4. Hello and thanks for this great library. I have a little problem with the video repeat function of videoloader. I load multiple video and I had set repeat:-1. The video loops to infinity but between the loops I have a freeze time about 2 seconds. This is the code I use: Any Ideas? I had tried both with gsap 12 and Tweening platform 11. Thanks in advance for your time!