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  1. Thanks, but is there any way to account for delays? Right now the resize events have several delays on each part of the timeline... if I resize the screen and the init() function is recalled, it's not seamless at all...
  2. Hey folks - Here is what I've done: I've created an introduction animation for my tool Once animated, everything is in place and the too is ready for user interaction I've created a resize event so I can recalculate width/height of stage The resize event removes everything and re-runs the init() function to recreate everything I've captured the totalProgress time of each animation at the point of resize Here is what I'm trying to do: If the animation hasn't run at all at the point of resize, I'd like the animations to run as normal once the resize event is fired If the animation has run completely, I don't want it to run at all (i.e., totalProgress = 1) If the animation is anywhere in progress, I want the animation to skip to that point in the animation (e.g., 60%) Here's the problem: When I use code like this... var animation:TweenMax = TweenMax.to (obj, 1, {delay:1, x:50}) animation.totalProgress = _captured progress; ... the delay is totally ignored. Meaning if I have several successive tweens, they overlap each other. Is there a way to assign progress in TimelineMax? Any other ideas on how to do this?