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  1. Hi, I am a student and doing flex development for my research project. I have been using free version of greensock library without TransformManager till date. However, recently when I downloaded free (AS2) version of Transform manager library and tried to import it in my greensock folder, my project does not recognize it.TransformManager.zip My greensock library is under Project->lib->com->greensock folder. In order to import TransformManager, I created transform folder under greensock, and imported TransformManager.as, TransformItem.as and also I have created utils folder for EventDispatcherAS2.as. However, when I try to import this path in my code as: import com.greensock.transform.*; it does not show up in auto drop drown and gives me error upon manual inclusion . I tried refreshing my code base but it does not help I would highly appreciate any suggestion on what am I doing wrong.