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  1. This is not possible. You limited the filesize to 500kb. I add a mxml file with the as code and the functionality. It's Adobe Flex 4.6 You can download a set of audio samples here. http://freewavesamples.com/korg-ds-8-sci-fi-sound-effects-pack Thanks for your help. Harry Wavloader.zip
  2. No, i think the Problem is different. I do the same procedure with Images, like jpg gif bmp an the ImageLoader and it works. fileName.push(get_wf_files[j].name); loaderMax.append(new ImageLoader(get_wf_files[j].nativePath, {name:get_wf_files[j].name})); The App where i tested the loader is AS 3 and AIR inside Flex 4.6 and all is local on Desktop PC. The Images are loading from a directory : get_wf_files = work_folder.getDirectoryListing(); The different how i get the files are: (rawContent) bitmap = LoaderMax.getLoader(fileName[counter]).rawContent; All is fine. So i changed the Loader to DataLoader, add the format:"binary" and try to do the same with *.wav and without .rawContent. I try it with 8bit PCM, 16bit PCM 44100.
  3. Hi there, i try to load audio data *.wav with the DataLoader in Flex AS3 and got an conversion error. I used parts of the example from the DataLoader. import flash.utils.ByteArray; var loaderMax:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({onComplete:loaderComplete}); loaderMax.append(new DataLoader("assets/test.wav", {name:"myBinary", format:"binary"})); loaderMax.load(); function loaderComplete(event:LoaderEvent):void { var binary:ByteArray = LoaderMax.getContent("myBinary"); } The Result is: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert com.greensock.loading::DataLoader@a74c821 to flash.utils.ByteArray. I think DataLoader returns a ByteArray? Why is there a conversion needed and ends with error? Thanks for help. Harry