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  1. I have run the same code through FlashBuilder, the issue still occurs (see attached for profile output, when 'destroyQueue()' has completed)
  2. Thank you for the quick response, my apologies for the lack of information. 1. Yes 2. I have tested extensively yes. "End" is the trigger, it was happening when the videos finished, but i removed the listeners for debugging. 3. I believe i am yes, i have included the swc into the project. 4. I am running the project in flash develop, and using the profiler to examine the objects
  3. Hi there, First off I would like to say the work you have done thus far is awesome! I'm really hoping you can help me as I feel ive been banging my head against the wall the last couple of days. I have a project that will be running a video playlist, I want to remove a video once it has finished playing but the loaders, contentDisplay, video etc are still kept in memory when it try disposing of them. So over time the project maxes the memory and I am left with the big "!". I have gone through and stripped event listeners, and everything i can think of that may keep it in memory. I really hope you can point out what is going wrong. Attached are simplified versions of what im trying to do. Main.txt VideoPlayer.txt