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  1. Yes, I’ve got it from old topic. Thank you for pointing out my inattention. It works prefect with local files. But what if I have to load them from a remote server?
  2. Yes, I use the latest version. Of course I can use getClass(), but I prefer single line "getDefenitionByName()" for built-in and loadable libraries. Early I used BulkLoader, but I didn’t have this problem. It’s just interesting why it works for other guys but it doesn’t work for me. test.zip
  3. Halo, my dear friends! I have a problem with SWFLoader. I can`t retrieve an asset class from loaded swf using getDefinitionByName() on a local machine, but getClass() works prefect. I found same topic (getDefinitionByName does not work), but it`s not working for me. LoaderMax.defaultContext = new LoaderContext(false, new ApplicationDomain(ApplicationDomain.currentDomain)) and I have Error #1065 ЧЯДНТ?