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  1. Is it possible to use tweenTo on a TimelineMax instance to loop forwards until it hits a specified time?


    So calling tweenTo(2) while the the playhead is at 5 seconds on a 10 second animation would first play to the end before looping back around and stopping at the specified .


    I did come across this but it talks about the old flash version and frames: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/2407-tween-frames-forward-only/


    Any point in the right direction appreciated. I'll try and look into writing a plugin for it.

  2. I haven't been able to find an exact way to reproduce this.
    I have a simple timeline ($elBg is a jquery element): 

    .to($elBG, 2, {left: '-1040px'})
    .to($elBG, 2, {left: '-2040px'})
    .to($elBG, 2, {left: '-3040px'});

    And I have two buttons that trigger .play or .reverse to move between the scenes. Every now and then the pause is skipped over and it continues to the next scene. I can't find an exact way to reproduce this I'm afraid as most of the time it works as expected. I have solved the issue by using tl.tweenTo(tl.getLabelBefore()); and tl.tweenTo(tl.getLabelAfter()); instead for my buttons but thought you might like to know incase there was a bug.



  3. Thanks for thorough reply, I enjoy understanding the inner workings of the tweening engine, especially why some produce "rings" instead of random stars as I've always wondered about that.


    It's interesting that CSS3 transitions would be built in such a limited way (as far as extensibility and amount of fine control go). I've also always found the very idea of controlling animation from a stylesheet a slightly odd concept. As animation seems to exist in a grey area between presentation and functionality, often linking the two.

  4. In the animation speed test, Zepto was reporting a FPS of ~45fps, when it was obvious from looking at the output on screen it was hitting about 5fps at best. Greensock was hovering around 35 and was incredibly smooth. Just wondering why Zepto would report such a high number if the actual output is so much lower?



    3000 sprites

    Safari 6.0.2

    OSX 10.7

  5. Hey there, been using TweenMax for flash for a long time and am looking forward to learning it for javascript it's my number 1 library.


    My question is, do you think a version of any of the greensock libraries will ever come out for Google Dart? (the potential successor to javascript)


    I'm learning Dart at the moment and it's much nicer to use and would love something like TweenLite to aid in games development.


    thank you,