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  1. I have created a rss feed ticker in as3 with TweenLite. Flash FPS is 24. When I run this, the scroll animation is not smooth. If I change the FPS to 120, it appears very smooth. There are many different movieclips on stage which may have their own animation, so I can not change the Flash FPS. Is there any way available in TweenLite where I can change FPS for this movie clip only?
  2. instead of "TweenLite.to" if I create object of the tween: var myTween:TweenLite = new TweenLite..... how will i get the tween of the clicked item?
  3. Hey, in my code i generate n number of items and assign tween to them. below is the sample code: for(var i=0; i<myArr.length; i++){ var item:myObj = new myObj(); TweenLite.to(item, 30, {x:1200}); } Now, on clicking on one item, i want to remove its tween. how can i achieve this?