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  1. thk for the reply...my next website wil be built i as3 that's for sure... but anyway do you think there is a possibility to resize a mask and it visible content without resizing the hidden element? the transition i made between my pages are made with tween and look like on http://werkstette.dk/# but the movement are a bit slower. for now everytime i have a picture on my page and you click on a button a new picture is coming from the right side and the actual one go out by the left side . but during the movement the two pictures take two time the size of the stage so if you resize the website the picture become smaller ...it's a real problem... but maybe it's hard to understand what i mean anway yo ucan't imagine how my website is better since i found tweenlite so thnk thnk
  2. I just discover liquid stage and it sounds like it's what i need but my website is in AS 2.0 . i want to have a full background image that fit the backgound of my web browser page (with proportionnal scale ) . it's easy and work with a single image with my script .... but if i want different images that come from outside the stage (if i click on a button the background image of the stage go out and a new one, that come from outside the stage replace it ) .My problem is that the script i use resize everything that hide outside the stage (even if i have a mask ) .... i m so sick of that problem...i ll take a good menberships if you help me to resolve this problem... thanks (and sorry for my english) pierre