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  1. paulbr

    bezier in javascript

    I'm having some trouble getting this working. I have an object (div) that i'm trying to moving in a circle. The code I'm using is below. It doesn't throw out an error nor does it move at all. What am I missing here? TweenMax.to(c1,10,{bezier:{values:[{x:102,y:430},{x:530,y:293}]}});
  2. ah ok. i think i get it now. thanks for all your help!
  3. thanks for the example above. i guess the only remaining question for me is how can i apply the play("introwoman") bit of functionality to a div on the page? basically trying to create a button that will jump to that part of the timeline. does that make sense?
  4. here's an example of what i'm trying to do: $(function() { var speedometer = document.getElementById("speedometer"), man = document.getElementById("man"), woman = document.getElementById("woman") var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1,repeatDelay:.5}); tl.to( man, 2, {css:{left:100}}) tl.to( man, 2, {css:{left:"100%"}}, 2) tl.to( woman, 2, {css:{left:100}}) tl.to( woman, 2, {css:{left:"100%"}}, 2) tl.to( speedometer, 2, {css:{left:100}}) tl.to( speedometer, 2, {css:{left:"100%"}}, 2) }); There are three "slides" here. Each slide moves 100px into the stage area hangs out for a couple seconds then continues moving left out of the stage area. Then the next slide moves in. This just repeats forever using the timeline. Now what I'd like to have happen is to have three buttons (divs?) that hang out on top of the slide show. When you click button 1 it starts the first slide coming in from the left again, clicking button 2 starts slide 2, etc. Ideally I'd like the currently playing slide to fade out then the other one to start playing right then but I think I can handle that part on my own once I've got the controls figured out a bit better. thanks.
  5. I have a short slideshow with animated slides. I'm trying to have some buttons call up each slide as they are clicked but I'm having trouble getting the buttons to function. I suppose I am having difficulty understanding how to apply labels and how to skip to those labels in the timeline from a click. Does anyone know of a tutorial that covers this kind of stuff? Thanks.