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  1. Thanks for the quick answer! Indeed, it seems that the Fix will help! Will wait for the next official version, until that using 2.0.2 I am glad for the great support and for this brilliant Software! cheers and happy Holidays ! krisztian
  2. Hi Guys, I made two examples (same code). First is with version of TweenMax 2.0.2 the second one is with 2.1.2. TweenMax 2.0.2: codepen.io/themepunch/pen/OGQgYL (working) TweenMax 2.1.2: codepen.io/themepunch/pen/BEYdQj (not working) Please see how the clip-path attribute is break / different in latest version. Hope you can figure it out ? Thanks a lot, Krisztian from ThemePunch
  3. Thank you for all Your Feedbacks. Yes, I also reported the issue yesterday to webkit Bugzilla and they acknowledge it as a bug. However i found a solution (i have better read your answer Jack earlier, than i could save some time) which force redrawing the content in Safari. I used the z transform and/or rotationZ in my case, but just like you sad a background-color or any other not used attribute on that element would help here. So i am good for now with this small change. The Problem with IE is still existing, i do agree with you Visual-Q ! For that i have some other plan Thank you again ! As always , you Rock Guys ! And i just can not imagine living without your Fantastic Greensock Plugin ! Cheers, Krisztian
  4. themepunch

    New Safari Bug

    Hi Folks, When GreenSock write matrix3d on CSS Transform based on force3D / Perspective / TransformOrigin the clip-path css attribute animation just break in the Latest Safari (12.1 (14607. See our Example above in SAFARI Latest Version, or on any iOS latest version !! . Click on Working and Not Working version to see the Effect. The only Different between those functions are the "force3d:true" setting ! Hope you have a good idea for this ? Thank you, Krisztian from ThemePunch
  5. Please close the Ticket. Issue has been solved due some Timeline / Tween Reorganisation. As always, GreenSock Rocks ! Thanks you and cheers, Krisztian
  6. Hi folks, i have a very strange issue where Tweens and Timelines "pauses" during the Page is scrolled in Google Chrome. Seems that this happens until the Timeline / Tweens runs at least once. I can not reproduce this in a CodePen, however i was hoping that you can give me some direction i could look for. Basically i have multiple Timelines (using latest TweenMax engine 2.02, TweenMax and TimlineMax) where a few dozens of Animations happens. When I scroll (continuously) the timelines and Tweens pauses. Short breaks in the Scroll let the Animations continue immediately until next Scroll event triggers. I added an onUpdate event listener on the tweens and timelines, and it clearly shows that it is not triggered (Tween paused) during the scroll. I made for fun a test and it shows that by creating an own Scroll Listener and triggering the Timelines / tweens from there works fine. (Like tween.time()). Any Idea would be great ! I am looking for this since days. Thanks and cheers, Krisztian from ThemePunch Ps.: In case you may want to see this, the video here shows the issue very well: https://we.tl/t-jYeIIZplVH
  7. Thank you for the clarification here, really appreciate it. Indeed "disabling" 3D would hurt in the most of the case how Customers use our product, so will check if i can somehow reduce the parameters and needs on splits on demand, or optimize DOM Manipulation by preparing things in "CPU Free time". Thanks again and wish you a great day ! Greensock forever ! You are the best ! Cheers from the ThemePunch Team.
  8. Hi Carl, i think you get me wrong here. I dont claim about the overall time it takes, i can totally understand what happens in the background, and i am aware that using split text will have influence on the DOM creating hundreds of elements and tweens. The Question was, if you have an idea, why IE Edge needs almost 12 times longer than Chrome, and Safari around 9 times longer. Browsers are different, And if so, maybe there are better way to have different paths in the engine which use more optimal calculations for Safari and Edge than for Chrome and Firefox. Maybe it is worth to take a look on that ? Thank you for your feedback again and greetings from Cologne, Krisztian
  9. Thank you Jonathan again for your time ! Indeed i used some dynamic switch which will auto add z transform to elements which would may interference iwht other objects. It is a pity that thing need to be browser based limited. Customers of our products can create amazing things with a WYSIWYG Editor, and at the end we need to limit their Creativity by browser issues and bugs. Still, i am more than thankful for your ideas and inputs here ! Awesome Service as always and awesome Tool ! Cheers and happy Tweening to you al l!
  10. Amazing Guys! Really appreciate it ! You Guys truly are the best, does not matter how this ends. Greetings from the ThemePunch Team, the Rock Solid users of GreenSock since ages !!
  11. Hi, Thank you for your answer Jonathan. I am sorry to tell, but the result of your changes are just exactly the same like my one. They break in Safari on a Mac OsX (Tested on 3 different Devices). It works on Mobile Devices which is great for the first but not in Safari on Mac OSX. Also it works only due the fact that the parent element gets relativ position. if i change the relative position to absolute on the wrapping layer, it just brakes as well on mobile devices which shows that somehow the stacking container structure is handled there differently. Also, using relative position with top/left definitions on the layer_wrap (see my last example) behave differently on Safari Mac and on Mobile devices and in Google Chrome. I was hope that some kind of preserve-3d transformstyle would force a new stacking container on the layer wrap. Moving things on the "z axis" would change also the distance to the viewer, getting the feeling that the layer is somehow scaled/zoomed so it is definetely not a solution for me. Until Chrome creates a new "rendering area" for the layer_wrap and using the z-index of those containers to decide which elements rendered over which one, seems that Safari somehow merge those different "stacking" areas and shows us a combination of those. I understand well why the layer is cut, and half is not visible, but i want to split those worlds, rendering them independent but still profit of the mix-blend mode and further css futures. Sorry to being a pain and for disturb you guys with something which is not GS based at all. If you wish, please just close the blog, since it is a Safari Issue and not a GS issue. With the deepest thank you and have a great day ! Krisztian
  12. I recognised using stagger in Safari the pre- rendering time can take 6x so long than in Chrome or Firefox. Depending on some further options and combination i.e with cycle it goes up to a 9+x. For dynamic calculated Animations based on interactions these delays and lags in Safari are too big. If you click on the "chars" button in the Example below, and open the Inspector, you will see the rendering time differences between Safari and Chrome. (62,87ms vs 344,54ms) Do you have an idea why this happens, and if there is any way to avoid it ? Thanks and Greetings !
  13. Thanks Carl for the quick answer ! Really appreciate it. Yes, it is also reproducible without GS: I was hoping that one of the Rocket Scientist at GreenSock has some good idea for this. Indeed i reported the issue on different Forums, hoping on some easy workaround. Other way i will need to go extra rounds to build the structures differently. Happy Tweening and thanks again ! Krisztian from ThemePunch
  14. Hi, an issue which maybe has been discussed already, however could not find a solution yet. In the example the bg container and the layer_wrap container must be on the same level to be able to use mix-blend-mode. The Results how it is rendered in Safari and Chrome are different. Wrapping the layer_wrap to set perspective on that container is not a solution for me due the mix-blend-mode needs. rotating the layer_wrapper also not due some other restrictions i have in the project. Would be interested on some nice ideas for this. Hope you guys have an idea ? Thanks a lot, Krisztian from ThemePunch
  15. Thank you ! I read the other post and it brings some light in the darkness. I think i will need to give a second look on the suppressEvent variable as well. Even using Greensock since Flash Time i can learn tons of new things . So again thanks for your feedback and have you all a great day ! Greetings from the ThemePunch Team !