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  1. will the seminar be available over the web for those of us unable to attend in person but who are still interested in seeing what is next for GSAP?
  2. Thanks for the reply. This is just one swf from a group which is loaded from a intro screen. It is depicting how the flaps and slats of an aircraft operate from different starting points i.e. fully down to mid as in this case. In order for the students to follow what is happening a pause has been added after each change in the system so the instructor can then explain what is happening. I think this is why there are pauses so frequently although why he has chosen to work in this way is an increasingly frustrating mystery. I have managed to "fix" the issue by changing the time it takes to complete the tweens after the second pause from 0 tl.insert(TweenMax.to(_60, 0, {tint:tintColorAfter}), 0.3); to 0.1 tl.insert(TweenMax.to(_60, 0.1, {tint:tintColorAfter}), 0.3); I don't know why this fixes the problem as the previous swf's have all been written in the same way but this is currently the only one I've had a problem with.
  3. Hi, I have recently picked up a project a colleague was working on and am having to try to decipher what he has done and complete it. The swf's are an animation which shows an electrical circuit operating under different conditions. When the swf first loads it should appear in a particular state but instead it appears to be ignoring the 1st pause function and going on to the second and pausing there. There is a slider on the swf so the user can scrub through the timeline and if you scrub back to the start it then shows what should be the initial state. I'm a complete novice so any help would be much appreciated. code.txt