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  1. Fantastic news! Very excited to see and play with this plugin as soon as it is ready! To answer your question, flexibility and options are what I have always loved about TweenMax. I have used both bezier and bezierThrough more times than I can count and found them both to be incredibly useful in different situations. The 'curviness' functionality sounds very interesting and would certainly augment the possibilities of what can be done using your platform. My current requirements are simply to modify native Object properties, since I am handling updates to the DOM from within my program. However, it would be great to eventually see CSS integration for manipulating DOM elements directly at some point in the future. I never had any issues with the syntax of an Array of Objects for both bezier and bezierThrough, but if you have any better or alternative ideas for how beziers should be defined, I would love to hear them and would be more than happy to offer my opinion. Again, thank you for all your dedication and hard work.
  2. Hey Jack, Any idea when you will be able to have a stab at this plugin? Thanks, Matt
  3. Hey Jack, Awesome job on the JS port - I'm still blown away by the blistering performance of the engine I too would love to see this feature/plugin introduced ASAP, since I'm putting together a pretty complex timeline animation that would benefit from some bezier love. If it offers any motivation, the project in question is a showcase of my Axonometric Projection Engine working in harmony with your GS12 JS Tweening Engine (both of which are being linked too from the demo). I'm really excited about this one, and can't wait to let it out into the wild. Kind Regards, Matt