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  1. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    I love to post some samples, but they're not ready yet. We are creating tons of simple games and will be packaged by phonegap and ready for Apple's appstore later. Sure will show you our work when it's ready, probably need another 2 months time.
  2. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Everything works fine! Thanks very much!
  3. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Hi, I've just download the v12 JS from the website, I think it's the latest one as it includes the BezierPlugin. Code: The following line works fine: TweenMax.to(obj,1,{ bezier: {values:[{x:907, y:555}, {x:244, y:524}]}}); However,this line does not: TweenMax.to(obj,1,{ bezier: {values:[{x:907, y:555}, {x:244, y:524}], autoRotate:true}}); Firebugs gives the following error: this._beziers[b[e][0]] is undefined At TweenMax.min.js (line 16)
  4. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Its summer here, but feels like Christmas!
  5. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Can't be happier to know JS version will have bezier! We use quite a lot of bezier curves to create animations for games. Basically, simple tweens with a few bezier points to move things in curve rather than straightly from x to y. Its too bad that we can't do it in JS as we are converting many Flash games into HTML5. Our current work around is to have a few points tween in a timeline to simulate a beizer curve, of course, it's not as good and dirty, but at least, it gets the job done.
  6. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Thanks very much for your reply! Is it possible to have a rough schedule about when we bezierPlugin will be available for js? I understand it will take time, however, if it's going to be long, is it possible to have a way to use the "quick & dirty" old AS port? I really wish we could have bezier in JS, it'd be awesome!
  7. Alan

    bezier in javascript

    Hi, I wonder if we will have bezier support in javascript version soon? I had a great success with greensock and easelJs together, I can almost 100% duplicate what I have done with actionscript 3 before, apart from bezier curve animation...